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05-15-2013, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
It's amazing. I thought they were bottoming out with the TMZ job on Richards and Carter. They've broken through bottom and are exploring depths of crap unknown to most journalists.

I will say this: if his media conflicts are what get him bought out, and NOT his play, this organization has officially lost its collective mind. I truly hope that doesn't happen.
Richards' feud with the media certainly didn't help his odds of staying in Philadelphia. Whatever happened behind the scenes will never truly be uncovered. Everything written about what happened is all just conjecture.

We do know that something made the organization think twice about Richards' position, and his feud with the media did not help.

So while I agree, that it would be supremely stupid for the organization to just drop Bryzgalov because of his comments to the media, I will say that our Russian friend isn't doing himself any favors. If the Flyers could drop a guy performing decently on an awesome contract partially because of his drama with the media, I find it hard to believe that Bryz is not catching some flack if not severe warnings from the Flyers front office.

Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
I haven't seen it either...maybe a couple sentences by Meltzer, but that's about it. Otherwise it's "Bryz bad lolz, universe joke ha." The people paid to do this analysis have generally been destroyed in that regard by fans discussing the team in their free time on the internet.
There is a reason why I consider the collective of hockey minds on HFBoards far better than any standard media outlet; arguably all of them combined.

I will say though that it is almost uncomfortable watching so many journalists just flirt the real issue with Bryz as if they're afraid to come out, examine it honestly, and make a point to inform the fans about how they should look at things, perhaps in a way that they haven't thought before.

Our media in Philadelphia is atrocious. You could give media credentials to a number of random posters on this board and come up with far better content.

The only tip of my hat goes to Meltzer, but everyone here already knows where the credibility within the Flyers' runners lies. I will say that I personally don't mind Baicker either, even though she sometimes gets swallowed up by whatever Panotch is up to. She can't be blamed for that and generally has interesting things for me to read.

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