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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Wow.........Tony O? High praise, but Lundqvist has never even been a 1st or 2nd all-star and Esposito did it 5 times.

Well he did play Detroit twice. Both series were tight series. He wasn't playing against some patsies. And in 2009 it is easy to forget how clutch Fleury was that postseason. He had a couple vapour lock moments, but he rebounded every time with a spectacular performance. He made incredible saves in each playoff round. Each time it could have altered the series. Against Jeff Carter in the Philly series, Ovechkin in Game 7, Staal against Carolina and then brilliant stops against Cleary late in Game 6 on a breakaway that would have tied the game and then who can forget the highway robbery on Lidstrom? The guy got the monkey off his back in dramatic fashion. Yeah, I'd say he stepped it up big time.

Why is it that a 27 year old with two trips to the final, an Olympic Gold as a back up, plenty of wins in his young career a "joke" to be mentioned just on projection? He was 9th in Hart voting in 2011. Look at him this year too and while Malkin deservingly is getting the press it also helps that Fleury has played very strong this year.
Team performance

His performance.

You don't get into the HOF by not sucking during 2 cup runs (only one victory) with two of the 3 best forwards on earth on your team and by being a backup. HOF piggy backer? Never heard of it. ESPECIALLY have you not seen his last two PO performances? He hasn't really done anything all world in Reg season play either. has he ever been considered the top goalie in the league at any point? For most of his career he's been outside the top 5. Vezina nomination? Let alone Vezina wins. People seriously overrating him and it's just amazing especially considering the last few years and his first few years. I now realize this was started a year ago. Regardless the MAF boosters looked foolish then and I'm glad the past year has only proven that further. Aside from the bolded part this whole argument stands last year as well.

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