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Originally Posted by Physical HABuse View Post
AK sucked the life out of me when I watched him play. I never found him to be an uptempo type of player and did not enjoy his skating. He rarely took control of a game despite having good size and a heavy shot. Please stop with this retreading of ex-players. Move on.....cut the cord.....that ship has sailed......"enter any other cliches of choice here"
This is what I hate to hear. These expectations are too high. He's not a 1st line winger and he isn't paid like one, there's reasons for that. Still, once in a while he could change a game by himself. When he was actually playing with quality players such as Pleks and Larry, he excelled. For whatever reasons, coaches had the stupid trend of taking him out when other underachievers were not playing well. Can't deny that he's looked bad at times. Most often than not he was playing with Gomez and some 4th line scrub and this is when fans were more critical of his play. You can't compare Ryder to AK. That's just mean and blind hate. Beside their shots, they are nothing alike. One is a unidimensional sniper and the other actually plays a 2way game delivering great hits, driving the net, forechecking and sniping a few ones once in a while. If some people could take out their hate glasses, take a step back and keep things in perspective, they would see that AK is an excellent 2nd/3rd liner.

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