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Originally Posted by CSKA1974 View Post
Having read this interview twice in the language it was given, I can not agree with your conclusions.

Following your logic, one can deduce that people who spent their vacations in Europe do not really like US.
How do you figure that? He states in his article that Philly and New York are not his favorite places to be a tourist in. It is easy in infer that he would rather spend time raising his kids elsewhere.

As always, Thank you for your input and your article translations. A lot can be lost in translation and also in articles where emphasis and tone cannot be portrayed. I am not a Bryz hater, but neither am I a supporter of anyone who doesn’t put the team first. Are you saying that Bryz is a team player and that all the evidence/interviews prove otherwise? I am not trying to slam you but honestly asking your opinion of Bryz’s work ethic and more importantly the one he brings to the Flyers

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