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05-15-2013, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Dusto View Post
I have decided to step down as the general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning. I've had a great deal of fun retooling this roster into one that I believe could be a Stanley cup contender for years to come. However with my summer job I won't be able to get online enough to play games, and when this happened last season when I was prepping for finals I know a few GMs were not satisfied with my activity, for which I apologize. This league has a solid crew of GMs and I hope to play with you all again sometime, good luck to everyone this season!

To whomever takes over this franchise, you will be taking over a great situation. With a well balanced roster, including some extremely high-end talent (Couture, Stamkos, Granlund, Hedman, Carle) and superb role players (Rutkowski, Birkholz, Heed) you will be able to have success right away. I've also stockpiled numerous prospects that will be able to fill holes in the lineup, cheaply and effectively. With 4M in cap space and hardly any long term handcuff contracts (except for Granlund & Stamkos) you will be able to continue to ice an extremely competitive lineup for the a long time, good luck!

It was fun making deals and playing games against you Dusto, too bad you didn't get to destroy the league with your new lineup. Hope you can be back for NHL 14!

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