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05-16-2013, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Just curious but why would you think the Edmonton Rush would end up playing at the new Arena. Theres no Oiler affiliation with this club, they would only sell a fraction of the building, and would represent a poor use of the facility.

I suspect they stay where they are if they even remain here as a club as they are losing money year after year.
Fair point - I say they'd be at the new arena because I personally don't truly believe the existing Rexall Place will exist past 2016, no matter what Northlands currently says.

Actually, if I was a betting person, Katz will buy the Rush before the new arena opens like the Flames purchased the Roughnecks in Calgary... because if he doesn't, your second point will be correct, they won't remain here at all.

Originally Posted by NewOilRising View Post
Well sorry.

Must be nice to have all that disposable income to dump into a 30th place franchise while others struggle to make their bills.

Carry on. Obviously, my opinion is the minority. Guess I'll need to start looking at other options.
I'm not sure of your financial position, so if you are personally struggling please don't think I'm trying to put you down, because I'm not. I'm simply pointing out Rexall Place is filled on a regular basis, and I suspect most of those people are average people income people like myself and not rich folk. Edmonton is not Toronto where everyone goes to the game wearing a suit.

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