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05-16-2013, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by NewOilRising View Post
Well sorry.

Must be nice to have all that disposable income to dump into a 30th place franchise while others struggle to make their bills.

Carry on. Obviously, my opinion is the minority. Guess I'll need to start looking at other options.
Well, you're obviously not the minority as any poll on the matter has indicated. But this is the Oilers board so it will appear that theres a different consensus here. But on the street little support for this highly public leveraged arena build.

I will say this as well. The perception of being able to easily afford multi hundred buck nights out is a perception borne primarily of what ones employment and income is like at the moment.

Which can change.

Myself I can afford it but I just can't rationalize spending money on overpriced pro sports.

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