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Originally Posted by LaGu View Post
I like the Backstrom comparison, although I agree with you in that I don't think that Lindholm has Backstrom, 100pt, potential.

It's fun to play the numbers/stats game here though since they grew up playing for the same club in Sweden.

Season before draft year season:
J20 29GP 17G 17A 34P
SEL 19GP 0G 0A 0P
J20 38GP 15G 36A 51P
SEL 14GP 0G 0A 0P

Draft year season:
SEL 46GP 10G 16A 27P
SEL 48GP 11G 19A 30P

Ergo: Lindholm > Backstrom!
Interesting you point that out.

draft year WJHC:
Backstrom - 7p in 6gp
Lindholm - 4p in 6gp

Another thing to consider is that Backstrom led Brynas in scoring in his draft year. That's pretty amazing in the SEL. Him and Lindholm both are born late in their birth-years, so have a bit of an advantage over their fellow draftees.

Lindholm is 3rd in scoring with Brynas this year, playing with a highly-touted Detroit prospect in Calle Jarnkrok (his cousin).
The Brynas team Lindholm's playing on has much more scoring depth than the one Backstrom is playing on, and I feel that may have contributed a bit to his numbers.

I feel the key difference between these two players is the size. Backstrom is 6'1, 210lb. IIRC at his draft he was already about 200lb. Lindholm is 6' 192lb. There's about a 20lb difference between the two atm.

Backstrom actually uses his body more than he gets credit for. He shields away defenders using his size, and is actually very solid along the boards when fighting for pucks. Lindholm also shows the ability to use his body on both sides of the puck, but I doubt it will be effective l in the new division the Oilers are going into.

That being said, these guys' bread-and-butter is their vision, puck skills, and ability to control and read the play. I feel Lindholm's defensive game is actually better than Backstrom's at the same age - however Backstrom learned the 2-way game at a Kopitar-like pace in his first 2-3 seasons in the NHL, and IMO is one of the top-10 2-way centers in the game today.

I don't think the physical build will necessarily make that much of a difference when it comes to differences between Backstrom and Lindholm. Both are quick, both use hockey sense to avoid having to engage physically more than they need to, and both have elite vision and passing ability. However, I remember McGuire exclaiming "this kid is NHL ready" when the Caps picked Backstrom in 2006. I doubt anyone will be making those claims for Lindholm when he gets picked, regardless of his SEL point totals.

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