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Originally Posted by Cut and Dry Sports View Post
You might as well throw 1 and 2 out the window now. 3, injuries are obviously unpredictable.

In regards to your other comment, I can't agree enough and I have a huge issue with this reputation that Drouin is getting as purely a hilite real machine. I've heard it way to many times, "Oh, well he's not going to be able to deke through everyone like that in the NHL", he's being pigeon held as a player that creates a lot of his offense through these eye popping plays, could not be further from the truth.

His hockey sense, decision making and passing ability are all off the charts for a draft prospect. That is where a large portion of his production comes from. He only had a handful of "hilite" real goals/assists this year. Most of them were just smart hockey plays.

His size gets brought up a lot as well. Foolishness. How does Paval Datsuk's size effect him negatively? Because he's very comparable to Drouin in terms of size.
I couldnt agree more with everything you said. People are being emotional about it...but the reality is that Drouin was on the top 6 fwd's @ the world juniors because he can adapt and his skill and hockey sense are better than Mackinnons. Mac lovers will hate me for saying that, but, before jumping all over me, let's wait a few years and then re-visit.

Drouin's hockey sense, and ability to adapt to circumstances are off the chart for even NHL players. I think Mackinnons is an unbelievable players, but, i think he will devellop in an acceptable #1 centerman, or a phenomemal #2 center. I dont think his scoring will be off the charts. He does not have the skill of a Stamkos or Nugent hopkins for example. I'm not knocking him, keep in mind were talking about the 2nd or 3rd best 18yr old hockey player in the world. A by-product of being in the spotlight for as long as Mackinnon has been, is that it gives scouts and people in general more time to pick your game apart. You lose sense of what makes the player great, and you start to look for holes in their game.

For my money, i'd be going with Drouin simply for his hockey sense and ability to adapt to all circumstances. I also believe he is much more mature and ready to maket that jump and be a professional every day.

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