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05-16-2013, 06:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Scott04 View Post
Yeah, same boat here. I've run into people that really like it, but with a few complaints, and those who weren't crazy about some bigger things and gave it a similar rating to you. I would be more in the first group, but that's also because I don't have as much familiarity with the comics as others (who were more in the second group)

That's definitely what I appreciated about it. I did like the added depth to the character and his point of view. In a lot of ways, I actually did note some similarities to the Dark Knight Rises in this movie. At least in terms of the tone and character development. That could definitely tie into my enjoyment of the movie as well.

While I don't like it as much as I did the first two, I definitely did enjoy it. Especially as it relates in the timeline following the Avengers. Were it not in this order, I don't think I would enjoy it as much. It would definitely feel... "off" to say the least.

I have a friend who is very well versed in the comics and #1 was his biggest complaint. His opinion was that the Mandarin was supposed to be to Iron Man what the Joker is to Batman or Lex Luther to Superman, and that this movie just didn't do that relationship justice.

For #3, I can see that, but I think that's something we can't quite judge yet. Lets not forget that Iron Man 1 and 2 only had so many references, partly because of where they were released in comparison to the other Marvel movies. Lets see how Thor 2 ties in to this (if at all) to see if it established anything. Iron Man 1 more established it and the others then connected to some extent from there. That may be the same case here as well. To an extent, I do like how it wasn't overly connected in this movie though. I do enjoy that they keep this movie about Iron Man's story, and not just one perspective of the Avengers while ignoring the happenings of the other characters.

As for the after movie scene:

there wasn't much to give it "excitement" but it does "hint" at something to an extent. The fact that he's talking to Bruce Banner shows that there is a connection with the characters in the future. Obviously we know an Avengers 2 is planned anyway, so we can infer that regardless. But at least with the way Iron Man 3 ended, there is justifiable questions if thats "the end" of Iron Man. So it does give a little reassurance that its not.
Your friend was right on with his description of the Mandarin in relation to Iron Man. I felt that they did a good job of updating the character making it something "realistic" and was looking forward to more and how he would be dealt with but I really disliked how they decided to just turn him into a while big joke.

I see your point regarding #3. Maybe I need to realize they are calling this Phase 2 for a reason and not lump it together with the other movies. Still, seeing Nick Fury, Shield or anyone associated with future movies would've been nice.

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