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05-16-2013, 07:16 AM
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We simply do not have the bargaining power to turn things around on the NHL.
as you said, that is not true and you know it. Btw, leaders of Swedish Ice Hockey Federation know it as well. Especially clubs. Do you want evidence? Here it is, Farjestad wanted much more than 200 000 USD for Salak. Why? Why nont let him go to SKA for free as Swedes go to NHL? Money man, all is about money, like it or not.

Simple, if Swedes/all euros support KHL point of view, the "bargaining power " would be reality tommorow.

I have an opinion that Swedes are ruining future of euro hockey.

One simple Q for you and other: Would you accept if NHL offered 1 mil USD per player?

If your repsense is NO, you are not saying truth. If the respense is YES, that means I am right.

I hope you read KHL´s statement and recommend you to read it again and again. Maybe you will get it.

Yes, euro clubs does not have power to negotiate with NHL fair-fair, but these euro clubs should support KHL to have better position to NHL. Look, NHL is ready to negotiate with KHL fair-fair... with clubs like Slovan Bratislava as well. Why the hell, should not NHL act like to towards Finnish hockey federation etc as well? If they were united with KHL. Yep, I know why a few posters say idiotic statements here, but it does not mean that these idiotic statements are true.

United - I give you example how it works... Slovakia, Czech rep, Poland, Hungary have no power as isolated nation if negotiate with France/Germany/GB in EU organs. But, if they negotiate as Visegrád Group they have much more power. That is a sole example, I could find many examples of this kind.

Sad, but I have to share VladNYC´s point of view. Being on russian´s side is worse than everythin on Planet, so that is a reason why Finns/Swedes/Czechs etc behave like they behave.
Very important Q, is IIHF a sole subject of this new PTA? If not, you sure know why.

Man, I love Sweden and swedish ppl, but here you are contradicting yourself

you guys think the solution to everything is to throw fat stacks of money onto whatever problem you are facing, and I can tell you that it'll never be the solution.
If money is not solution as you think, let all players to go to NHL (elsewhere) for FREE. Why does Swedes want money for releasing the guys? Why do they want money from NHL and KHL? Money is not solution, you said.

I dont say I am 100% you to know, but you are not as well. And we will see whose route is better.

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