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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
Not that hell bust, but he wont learn as much playing bottom pairing as he will playing 1/2 or full season in AHL. Having him play in the NHL next year might help us more for 1 season, but id rather have a more complete player. AHL helps prospects develop, no harm will be done putting him there.

Top 4 vs top pairing ceiling

Seabrook I think was also able to play his 19 yo season, where Klefbom was injured. Also Seabrook was logging big minutes in WHL for 2 years. Klefbom was playing limited minutes start of last season (like 9 minutes) and only got more minutes last half of last season. He played big minutes this season for 13 games.

Also Seabrook had his offensive game figured out in the WHL (54 pts) Klefbom has all the tools are is good offensively, but still has to find his stride.

He has to learn both defense and offense. Im all for talking it slow with our top defense prospect. Cant mess up this one
I think I line up closer to this... I'm not 100% him playing in the NHL this year, it's just that I'd be shocked he could be ready given how little hockey he's played over the last two years.

My caution though has more to do with wanting our team to be competitive, than it does with worrying we would "ruin" Klefbom. I want to see 6 NHL defenders on this team come training camp (FA#1 - solid #2, FA#2 - solid #4, Smid, N Schultz, Petry, J. Schultz)... after that, Marincin, Klefbom, Teubert, Peckham and Potter can all duke it out for the final spot. They can all be given opportunity to play their way up the depth chart.

Unless he blows you away, let Klefbom get 20 games under his belt in OKC before re-evaluating.

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