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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Thanks for the clarification. Could be you're right but I don't think Bruce Urban, and the Edmonton Rush are really Katz cup of tea. Again it would be a subpar low marketable product with low ticket prices occupying some dates that are likely better filled.

Can't really see it happening. Thats not at all a big money product in terms of tickets, merchandise sold or concessions. Plus that to have an over 18K rink housing 7K attendance lacrosse seems like a misfit.
Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Yeah, I don't know what Bruce Urban is thinking. This was never going to fly here. Edmonton is primarily a hockey town.

Urban seems to think this is a bigger deal than it is. NLL would never have setup in Edmonton if it was not bleeding teams for decades.
Originally Posted by chrisj View Post
I think the NLL could work in Edmonton, but I think first impressions are important, and they spent the first few years with an awful product on and off the field.

I'm not sure they can recover.

I think Urban keeps pumping money into it because "it's cool to own a sports franchise".
What is the Oil kings attendance? If you are running the building I don't think having 8 dates is going to make or break you. Would be filler.

Dave Jamieson was talking about how the Rush screwed up when they first came to town. They are now not marketing it as a gimmick and are reaching out to the community and trying to market it better.

Katz running the building and owning the Rush would be a massive benefit to their success.

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