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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
I guess it is, but he will perform better. I just think based on his effort he displayed this season near the end, I think Carlyle is more impressed based on that.

Philly for sure has holes and no cap room, but to me it's too steep of a payout that I don't see the Philly owners saying yes, buy him out.

Richards length is an issue. If he does retire early, how much of his cap hit is put against the NYR Salary cap for those years remaining on his contract? His play is not worthy of a buyout. Scott Gomez' play was.

If that is the case, Vokoun is still very old and is not the future for PIT. Who do they have in the pipeline in net that they could use to replace Vokoun in a couple years when he'll probably retire...? I think teams like TB maybe, FLA, PHX possibly if Smith doesn't bounce back, and others could seek his services. As for a buyout, he's a 5 million cap hit, plays just as good/bad as Price and only has 2 more years left. Don't think it's a buyout.

Richards is signed until 2019-20. Say he plays another 4 years and retires, that leaves 3 years of contract and 20 mil of cap hit off the books but only 3 mil in salary so NYR got 17 mil of cap "savings" they have not paid for in cap hit. I think that 17 mil would be spread over those 3 years 17-18 18-19 and 19-20 so they would have 5.67 mil of cap penality each of those 3 years. So basically losing a top 6 forward salary.

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