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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
I said minor league hockey not junior hockey and you can bet 100% that if the oil kings went from being a cash maker to a cash loser they would be tossed in two seconds.

The capitals were shelved because the league lost teams and it was going to cost too much to continue a few years back and the oilers said they would look into other opportunities and promptly did nothing at all.

Toronto roadrunners, 'we have big plans!' Deep sixed a year later.

If you like a minor sport you better not let the katz group get their claws into it. I wonder if they still have exclusive rights to the baseball park which the city put buckets of money into.
You are actually shocked they let the Roadrunners go? I was never under the impression that was a long-term solution. Just a way to see our prospects first hand while the NHL was on lockout.

As for the Capitals and Katz having a team, everyone knows that it's not an easy fix.

The prospects are playing at Telus Field again this year, so I don't know where this Katz has a strangle hold on Telus Field has come from the past few weeks.

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