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05-16-2013, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
Look, Im not trying to get into a political tuffle, though it's interesting you should say that, considering I have taken a graduate economics class...

My opinions on capitalism aren't so much conceived based upon any percieved detriment it has domestically or economically (though issues lay there too) or even capitalism as a whole, but rather the anti-human effects that it has on a lot of the people growing crops and manufacturing goods in lesser developed countries that can't afford to feed their families or the luxury of a flushing toilet because that wouldn't allow a big enough profit margin. People's lives are only worth a specific price at an inflated cost, and that's all i'll say on the subject.

But yeah, Stalin was a jackass. Pretty interesting guy though. I think Bryz is essentially just saying he'd like to know how the guy thought and what made him into the person he was... Surprisingly, the biography of his that I read was incredibly boring and pretty difficult to finish.
I think you are trying to critique neo-liberal Globalization and finance capitalism. There is lots wrong with the current crony type capitalism we're experiencing dominated by a bunch of oligarchic "economic royalists." We saw some of the ramifications in 2008 and still seeing it with all the austerity being imposed mainly in Europe but it's starting to hit here with the sequestration and all the budget problems at the national, state and local levels but particularly the latter two since they can't engage in QE and print money to deal with their budget deficits. Anyway, don't want to get all into it..just that I'm interested in this stuff. We're kind of in a transformative stage of capitalism which in and of itself is not bad..just the current form is not sustainable as we will see in the coming years when we have another big correction once the Fed Reserve ends their QE.....

As far as the whole Stalin debate....yeah I think from Bryz's standpoint it stems from a certain kind of nationalism that rears itself when there are economic problems. I mean Hitler was Time Magazine's man of the year for all the economic improvements he made in Germany during the 30's after the Depression. Mussolini was equally lauded. Then of course the two went off their rockers and started invading invasions are done economically (The troika in the EU dominated by Germany is an example) rather than with boots on the less damaging of course and more cynical....

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