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05-16-2013, 09:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Raisy View Post
Hey Maxine, I think you are missing the point; do I think Windsor got screwed? yes in 2011, not this year, they did not deserve it.
My point goes back to the criteria used to determine a host. Somebody posted a comment by Branch saying that if Windsor or Barrie would be returning a comparable roster to London, they would have got the hosting gig. In 2011, Windsor was returning a significant part of the cup winning team, but lost out due to guaranteed money. This time they guaranteed the most money, but lose out on strength of roster.
I have no problem with London hosting if they were clearly the best based on the hosting criteria, but when the criteria seem to be moving targets to suit the league, then what's the point in bidding.
I don't feel bad for Windsor, whether or not they had the best bid is irrelevent to me, the other negatives swirling around the team did them in. I feel bad for teams like Barrie and Kingston and Soo and Guelph, because unless the committee or criteria get revamped, they will never get a hosting gig.
Ok and your points make sense. I agree, Windsor should have had it in 2011. But why should that shape your opinions of future hosts just cuz Windsor got hosed in 2011? This doesn't make any future bid by an OHL team unworthy or wrong.

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