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05-16-2013, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Brozgalov View Post
Wait so this is actually a story?

I am no historian, but I did take a course on WW II in college. I believe what he was saying is that without Stalin they would have stayed in depression / etc until someone else did what Stalin did. If you learn about the start of WW I and WW II, people latched onto Hitler for a reason. They were paying for a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrel full of money (inflation) and things were pretty ****ed up. You bring in a guy who brings back stability and you start to look past other things you might not agree with.

I don't know much about Stalin and the history of Russia, but these types of leaders would have existed with different names if they hadn't taken power. They are able to rebuild the country with an "iron fist" or what have you. You may not agree with it, but it builds stability and I think that's what he is saying....
With Bryz a lot is lost in translation but yeah you are getting at what my point is as well. I mean Saddam Hussein supposedly wrote a letter to the U.S. and said if you knock me off ..good luck. I'm the only thing holding this country carved out of a colonial legacy up. In a lot of ways he was right that is why in the first Gulf War they didn't go in and topple him and allowed him to put down the shiite and kurdish rebellions. They contained him via years of a no-fly zone..then in 2003 we kicked the hornets nest and Iraq is still all banged up and Maliki is basically another Saddam ruling with an "iron fist" but it is less newsworthy..especially with the Syria mess another miscalc if Assad is will have a vacuum with a bunch of even worse heart eating terrorists ready to fill the void.

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