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05-16-2013, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Sheet View Post

this girl I've been seeing has kept saying how she wants to go fishing with me.. I fish probably more then duchene.

I brought her and she caught a maybe 6 inch brown trout.. I was taking the hook out when she started bawling screaming about how cruel I am to hurt the poor fishy..

I tried explaining to her it'd be at alive by other animals... an the hook doesn't hurt them as much as it would a human..

She called me a fish murderer, threw my very expensive pole at me, and now refuses to talk to me.

I am still shocked. Is this normal woman behavior that I've just never encountered? It's not like this crazy was a vegAn or something.
Sounds pretty normal

Seriously, I would stay far way from that one. There are more normal women out there, find one of those instead of trying to pursue one that snaps at a 'fish murderer' you'll be happier in the long run especially since you say you fish a lot.

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