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05-16-2013, 10:33 AM
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I'm about as far from a ringer as you can get, only been playing 3 years and I'm 48, but my skating and mobility are decent and I understand the game pretty well I think from years of watching. I have played in organized pick-up or clinics where I'm like the best guy out there (sad to say) and frankly it sucked. I don't want to show people up, esp. beginners, so I'd have to hold up my game, stay back and generally not get that involved. And it's frustrating to boot when your passes go under/over sticks etc.,

So, having sort of had a taste of it, I really don't get the ringer playing down thing unless they're just wanting to play with their friends. But that's still weak and does ruin leagues. Esp usually being on the other end of it - and the "well we hold up after we get a lead thing" is bs too bc the team you're playing knows you can just turn it up when you want to. And that's when guys get frustrated and do stupid crap. One of my leagues has real parity issues because of ringers and I'm taking the summer off, mostly to work on skating and drills but also to see if they're as serious about addressing it as they say they are. If not, I'll find a league that is better at it. I don't care that much about winning (prefer it of course) but do want a competitive, relatively balanced game. Otherwise it's just annoying.

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