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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post

All, I remain leaning toward, but with an open mind on my top 4-5 selections,
and would really like more input about the bottom half

being as underscoring what Crease directed, we need to post the 10 eligible in ranked order

Also, thanks, in advance...
My 4-5 is Tkaczuk and Colville, in no particular order just yet.

6-10 is looking like:

6. Watson
7. Esposito
8. Raleigh
9. Smith
10. O'Connor

Colville, Watson and Smith all played together. Colville edged out Watson, and Watson edged out Smith. The former two had better playoff records than Smith as well. Espo was here for 5+ seasons and was explosive in 3 of them. O'Connor was here for 4 seasons and was explosive in 1. Raleigh is a tough one to place. He was the original Walt Tkaczuk. Frank Boucher had a lot of praise for him when he coached the Rangers.

Without saying too much, I suspect Round 2 Vote 2 is going to be very interesting, especially when we add the next 5 from the aggregate list to the ballot.

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