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05-16-2013, 11:53 AM
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Pleased to meet you

Hey guys, I was just thinking of something that might be fun to do. We all share our joy and pain when the Rangers play and maybe it's fun to get to know each other a big more. Nothing to personal of course, but trivial things like favorite Rangers moment and what other sports you follow.

I will start:

Pass art by Brassard (formerly known as Amazing Kreiderman and Ezequiel)

Where are you from:
The Hague, Netherlands. Born and raised.

How old:

Rangers fan since:
Early 90's. My uncle brought me a SNES game from the US back in February 1994: Brett Hull Hockey. I started playing and my first game, the CPU at random picked the Rangers. The game was awesome, I started following the Rangers and never changed. The Stanley Cup play-offs were shown on tv here in Holland, on Eurosport I think, but it could be a different sports channel. I watched many games and the Rangers won the cup only months after I got that game. Despite being only 9 years old, I can remember it very vividly.

First Rangers match you attended:
Not yet unfortunately. I am however, saving up to go next year February or March.

Favorite Ranger:
Well, Brian Leetch was my very first Ranger favorite. After that, I've had a bunch of guys I followed with more interest. Petr Nedved, Alex Kovalev and Pavel Bure being others. In recent years, Artem Anisimov and Mats Zuccarello. This season Brassard really stole my heart. What a passing legend!

Best Ranger moment:
Most would probably say the winning of the Stanley Cup and that is a very special moment. Those who were not old enough to remember, I hope it happens soon. Apart from winning the Cup, the 2012 season is quite special. Topping the conference with the stacked Penguins in the same division was wonderful. Unfortunately, we were not able to finish the season with the Cup, but that season will always be high on my list.

Former Rangers you miss:
There's not really that many former Rangers I would like to see back in the blue, but Lauri Korpikoski is definitely one of them. Not only was he a very talented player. We traded him for Enver Lisin! Artem Anisimov is another one I miss. He was part of the Nash-deal, so I am happy with the trade but seeing Arty go did hurt.

Any non-Rangers you like:
Hate to say it, but John Tavares is my favorite non-Ranger in the NHL. The guy is classy, has skill and never gives up. Isles have a real talent with him on the team.

Any other sports:
Here goes! In the NFL, I support the Seattle Seahawks. This comes from a friend of mine who has been supporting them for years after living in Seattle. In football (soccer) I support my local team Ajax Amsterdam and the national team of Uruguay. This comes from the fact my mom is Uruguayan. I also follow rugby. I lived in South Africa for several years and the Natal Sharks from Durban are my team. I am not that into Basketball and Baseball.

How did you find HF Boards:
Actually, I was looking for a place to talk and especially learn more about the NHL. After trying several websites, HF Boards had something none of the others had. A wide group of members, professional lay-out and activity in every section. When I say Game Day Threads having over 1000 posts, I knew this was a good place to stay.

How do you watch Rangers games:
I have many friends, but none who really support the Rangers. I hardly know any guys in Holland who follow the NHL. More the NFL or NBA. Watching the Rangers for me, comes down to either turning on a stream or watching ESPN (when they eventually show the Rangers once a month). Because it's usually night time (6-hour time difference between NYC and Holland) it's difficult but not impossible. My wive sometimes taunts me by saying that I spend more time watching the Rangers than talking to her. Oh well, she understands and she is very lovely. During game 7 against the Caps, I had woken her up 3 times by cheering so loud, she decided to stay up and watch the game with me. She was very impressed by Zucc's deke (the 5-0).

When I do watch games with friends, it's usually them who the game watch with me. But in exchange, I have to cheer for the Indiana Pacers the next day or support the Chicago Bears.

I have to say, watching the game with the GDT open, makes it really fun. For guys like me in Europe, it gives it that extra dimension of being among fans while being on the other side of the world. I am sure the other Euro's can agree on that.

I hope you enjoyed the read and I hope some of you guys take the time to answer the questions yourself.

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