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Originally Posted by zeus3007 View Post
Yes, later drafted d-men can end up better, but its even more likely that later round d-men don't make it. You can bring up all sorts of 2nd rounders like Subban and Weber, but you need to remember that this isn't necessarily the norm. In general, you need to draft more d-men just to get some that can play. Banking on all of your 2nd and 3rd round drafted d-men making it is outright foolish.
I read an article a few years ago that explained this occurrence really well.

It said that dmen take the longest to develop due to intricacies of position. It said that it was better to leave dmen in juniors/minors to learn and develop and also gain physical maturity.

The issue with 1st rd dmen busting so much was because they get rushed. GMs and coaches have short shelf lives so letting dmen develop properly isn't in the cards. Also fans now have more of a voice so they start to demand their high picks be in the lineup sooner rather than later. And if picks aren't its considered a failure on the teams part and puts the management jobs at risk.

So the dmen get pushed into the lineup to soon, lose confidence and end up busting. The article said with 2nd rd picks and later the same urgency an pressure wasn't there.

Just an interesting thought. Yes taking a dman early isn't bad. But will the team and fans have the patience to let him develop say for 2-5 years?

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