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05-16-2013, 11:46 AM
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Great post. More than fair enough.

IMO, overall, great Ranger teams of late 60s early 70s (nixon years, ugh) got beat out by phenomenal Canadian teams, and 1 guy: Bobby Orr.

Orr was to hockey what Jordan was to basketball. Unstoppable. One game Villemure gave him virtually nothing, and once to his left and once to his right, he shot the puck sideways, FREAKIN sideways to beat us. And this was not his top thing, which was being the best skater forwards and especially backwards. Ever.

And those Hab teams were dominant because they practically had all stars at every position.

So I am more forgiving here on both Ratelle and Tkaczuk. Whatever they did personally on their shifts, my memory is typically they matched or outplayed the competition. To ask them to singlehandedly be difference makers vs that level of caliber of competition is too much to ask, IMO.
Very valid point. Same thing happened when (insert any team) played the 80s Islanders or Oilers. FWIW, even though I do value playoff performance, I didn't kill Ratelle over the playoff scoring decrease. He has too much else going right and I still had him top 3.

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