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Originally Posted by coladin View Post
The coward is the fake tough guy, Orpik...a hit and run specialist a player you can all be proud of. Then again, you have a few of those.

Tomorrow we will see what type of punishment will be tolerated by Orpik and the Penguins.
I keep reading things like this and am not getting it.

People always are fighting the last war.

Virtually every other post from Sens' fans that I read is some variation of 'we need to hit the Pens more, that is how you beat that team!' Really? Why is that? Because a year ago Philly got under this teams' skin and people remember Giroux hitting Crosby that one time? A third of this team is different than even the team that began the year. The team is big, nasty and mean. They are the ones who will be hitting you. Speed is what drives this team nuts, they would welcome a game of hitting.

How did that hitting work out last game when the Sens tried it?

The way to beat the current edition of the Pens is the opposite what most are saying. With speed and skill. I think of this scene from the Princess Bride as symbolic of the Isle series:

So by all means go ahead and hit the Pens. Hit em over and over, they would welcome that kind of game. Murray, Orpik, Iginla, Morrow, Neal, and on and on. The Pens were built for that kind of game. Just because the team has some skill does not automatically mean it is soft. Just watch the team and see that this is barking up the wrong tree.

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