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Originally Posted by Jaded-Fan View Post
I wasn't responding to you per se.

I just keep hearing about how the key to undermining the Pens is hitting. There were lessons to take from the Islander series, and I am sure that Ottawa, who has a great coach, will take those lessons and use them. But hitting has zero to do with it. Just not the kryptonite for a team built like the Pens are built. But the Islanders did expose how to beat them, and I am certain every team that they play until they are knocked out will employ some of those things.
I agree. However, its one reason why I dont quite think the Sens are the right team. Knowing how to do it is one thing, being able to do it is another. Its been said that the Isles are a fast team, but I really think most people dont realize how good the Isles offense is. Especially once Cappy switched the lines up after game 1... we had 2 VERY legit offensive lines with JT doing the heavy work on the 1st and KO on the 2nd. I also think that our 4th line did some excellent offensive work as well. I am sure there were a couple Pens fans that said, Cizikas has the puck again... wait, who is Casey Cizikas?
Like I said, it is one thing to have the recipe, but you still need the right ingredients. Ottawa does have HUGE advantage in goal though, and that is always a big deal.

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