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05-16-2013, 12:53 PM
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Everyone accepts that. It is a pretty silly question, if you ask me. Here's the deal, I'd rather work with the devil that I know than to throw myself into the 'warm' embrace of the KHL. You may call me a fool for that, but I'm completely fine with that. I want a closer cooperation with the NHL, because I trust them and I like them. I do not have the same trust for Russia and the KHL. I'm fine with the hegemony of the NHL.

As for the money issue, if you read what I wrote more carefully you might realize that I did not say that money was a 100% unimportant. I was merely stating that I found it ridiculous that you who love the KHL see it as the way out. If you see a problem, your knee-jerk reaction to it is to throw money at it. It is not a sustainable way.

The new NHL agreement serves a good purpose for us. It gives us some compensation for the players that they take, and most importantly it will hopefully help us keep our young players in Sweden for one or two years longer. It is a small step, but it is satisfactory to me. I'd rather have that then no deal at all. That would be the worst thing that could ever happen to Swedish hockey.

Like you said though, there's no 100% sure way of knowing which option is the best, I just know that I prefer it this way because it has less risks and it is more beneficial for Swedish hockey.

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