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05-16-2013, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Face Wash View Post
So Voynov gets a 600% increase in his salary after 45 points in 102 NHL Games played and 7 points in 27 playoff games? I seriously doubt that. Look, I'm as big a VV26 fan as anyone but I can't see DL giving him that huge a raise after backing up the truck on Doughty. DD8 was a Norris Trophy finalist and he got a tad over a 200% raise after 126 points in 240 games and 11 points in 12 playoff games. VV26 wasn't the 2nd overall pick in the draft and he hasn't accomplished nearly as much as Doughty had after his ELC was completed.

Maybe he's offered $3M AT BEST (which is still almost a 400% raise). If he gets an offer sheet for more (which isn't a guarantee and will only happen if negotiations drag on I believe), fine, you pretty much have to match unless it's for the numbers YOU'RE talking about but 3YR/$9M is about the most DL should do. That gets VV26 to age 26 as FA and plenty of time for him to earn a huge deal.

I mean Erik Karlsson's career numbers are WAAAAAY better than VV26's, he won the Norris Trophy and he didn't even get a 600% raise.

I think you need to rethink VV26's contract demands.
What? Doughty made 875K his final year before the new contract, so using your "formula", he got a 800% raise.

And you are looking at this the wrong way. What Voynov is currently making is irrelevant, completely. Looking at % raises is something I have never seen, because that is not the way the NHL works at all. This is not like a normal job where you slowly work your way up. NHL players use comparables to leverage as much money as possible as early as possible, and there contracts can fluctuate up and down over their career. Looking at % raises is not the right way to address this situation.

Voynov is proving himself to be a legitmate top 4 defenseman. Matt Greene managed to get 2.95 million. Voynov is a hell of a lot better Matt Greene. I think it will take at least 3.5million per to lock him up, if we are not going to buy any UFA years (it 7mil/2y, 10.5mil/3y). That's the minimum. Probably more. If we want to buy any UFA years (5/6/7y deals), that cost goes up. This kid is a stud and will get paid one way or the other.

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