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Originally Posted by Hockey RUS View Post
Sorry. It is still 66% of a quality education. Strong students will always persevere. You do not do 66% without cutting corners somewhere.

Sports-Etudes is a fairly young concept and the long term plus and minuses are not known.

I do not know what the quality is of instructors and John Rennie or anywhere else but, when you lower the bar to make a hockey tells you all about priorities.
I have a child who graduates from the program this year ... soccer though. True, corners are cut by eliminating none core optional subjects but who ever paid attention in philosophy or moral education anyways ? right ? Corners are not cut on the core subjects and the quality of the teachers is top notch ...except for the odd character flaws on some but every school goes through that. I have another kid accepted in hockey this coming September.

I can tell you that 215 kids wrote the entrance exams to get in and only 54 were admitted ... only 12 in hockey so the bar is set high ... beleive me. It was a 6 hour exam and from all the kids who I know wrote the exam only mine got in that I know. I have no clue who the others are. From what I learned today, it seems that they are taking the same approach as in soccer. There is a soccer tryout ... if you don't pass that part, you don't get in. What I heard today was more radical. They actually cut 2 kids to make room for 2 other players. I think it makes a lot more sense as long as they don't compromise the quality of kids/academics coming into the program. Are they willing to set the bar lower to accept more of these less academically gifted kids ? Time will tell.

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