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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
That's if PIT and CHI lose both their series this round, which I don't think is happening. So let's say for argument's sake it is 25th.

Why would you trade two early second round picks for 1 late 1st round pick. Is the difference in talent level from early 2nd to late 1st really that different...?

Anyways these posts about AK46 are comical. Don't bring him back, he's a younger, bit bigger and more physical version of AK27, except AK27 could dangle the **** out of you at AK46's age...
You would trade picks at a specific moment during the draft if a prospect you like is available. If, for instance, Habs have two prospects they badly want at pick 25; they could trade to get the 26th as well and grab both prospects.

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