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05-16-2013, 02:24 PM
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Hate to agree with a Hawks fan after that beating they gave my team last night but....I have played hockey since I was 8 until now 26. If you have never learned to take/deliver a check trying to play now is beyond dumb. You are seriously putting yourself at risk. I have played every level from rec, high school, travel 11-18, ACHA, beer league (18 to present), adult travel, and pick up, but any working adult would not want to play checking hockey. Checking hockey is for adults who get payed to play whether it is in a paycheck or education. Putting yourself at risk for just checking isn't a smart idea. I love having adults who don't know how to check take a run at me because I am 5`9 and 180lb and just run them over simply because they don't know how to check. Adult hockey is about having fun, not being showing someone how tough or hard you can be. If any player is such a tough SOB or checker they would be playing some form of PROFESSIONAL hockey. At the pay to play stages, I really don't feel like there is a need for full check hockey. Yes, I have played pick up with friends who know how to check and throw some bodies( not full check), but we are not trying to put each other through the glass or ice. I still don't even like that because I do not wish to get hurt or miss work. I also don't want any working adult to be turned into vegetable soup for the rest of their live for playing the great game of hockey for fun.

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