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Originally Posted by dmanfish90 View Post
Holy **** I totally forgot we traded a 2nd rounder for Moore. Yeah, definitely bad asset management, but what did you expect out of PG?

If we traded Bourque for a 2nd rounder, I would be like through the roof happy and laugh at the team that took him (not really, cuz I think Bourque, if consistent, could be lethal). But still, building through the draft is key, and having high draft picks will definitely help, especially in this year's draft.

My question to you is, say they did want both right, and they were to give up their 34th and 36th pick for the 26th pick. Now is the talent difference from 26th to 34th and 36th so vast that having 3 prospects drafted in the first 35ish picks is worse than have 2 draft picks in the first 25ish picks?

If that's the case in this draft then I say do it, but the problem is the draft is always a crapshoot for the most part as you go down further into the draft. The more picks you have in higher rounds, the better odds you have at picking a future stud/good player for your team. Now the odds of having two first rounders and having only 1 being a great player is high. Having both first rounders being great players is a lot lower. However having 2/3 of our first 3 picks (25, 34, 36) being great players is, IMO, a lot higher than having both 1st rounders being great players.

I mean I could be talking out of my ass, but looking at past drafts (take 2003 as an example, a very strong draft class) and this seems to be the case...
You're certainly not talking out of your ass but a team will trade to move up a few spots only because they got high expectations and a need for a certain prospect based on their scouting reports. You will often have one scout or the head scout pushing for it.

A team that wouldn't do it is one that needs lots of good prospects. Montreal having six of them in the first three rounds and a very good pool of prospects has the luxury to make such a move.

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