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09-30-2006, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by AJ1982 View Post
What a stupid stupid stupid move by the Canes. What are they thinking?? Actually I know what they're thinking... "WIN NOW" and in the new NHL that may not be the best approach, hell it NEVER worked for the Rangers except in 94'. I realize in part this is a move to dump Tverdovsky's salary, however, Carolina gives up a potential number 1 guy... a guy I really believe can do no worse than become a top 4 guy. In return they get Belanger, a third liner, and Gleason, a top 6 dman who could become a top 4 guy. Yes, Gleason did well in the NHL last season but his top side is certainly less than JJs. To tell you the truth I think Tverdovsky can still play in the NHL if he gets his head on straight defensively.

All that said, I'm glad JJ is out of our conference. He could really be a monster to play against in two years.
If you want some very funny "spin doctoring" on this - read the Canes board about this trade. Talk about drinking the Kool-aid!! Man they despise Tverdosky as much as we do Bozolinsh! Seriously - this reminds me of the dumb moves we used to make! I gotta say my opinion of Renney, Maloney and Sather just went up. I mean if it is true we were offering Immo, Tyuts and a 2nd rounder for JJ and they took this!! WOW

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