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Originally Posted by Sheet View Post

this girl I've been seeing has kept saying how she wants to go fishing with me.. I fish probably more then duchene.

I brought her and she caught a maybe 6 inch brown trout.. I was taking the hook out when she started bawling screaming about how cruel I am to hurt the poor fishy..

I tried explaining to her it'd be at alive by other animals... an the hook doesn't hurt them as much as it would a human..

She called me a fish murderer, threw my very expensive pole at me, and now refuses to talk to me.

I am still shocked. Is this normal woman behavior that I've just never encountered? It's not like this crazy was a vegAn or something.
Originally Posted by Sheet View Post
Oh I catch and release too normally. I didn't kill the thing. I was just takin the hook out. I'm glad it didn't swallow my spinner. I hate killing any sort of wild life without reason, but trying to steal my 5 dollar lure is something I'd kill my mother over. Just kidding, but yeah I'd of tore its innards out to get it back lol.

She completely lost her marbles. She finally text me a few minutes ago asking if I wanted to hang out tonight like nothing happened.

This is the same girl that told me she had two kids after we got sort of serious JUST to see how I'd react. I think it's time to cut losses. Maybe I give her the benefit of the doubt and try bringing her hunting..
Originally Posted by Sheet View Post
I do. But she doesn't actually have kids.

Seriously. Run.

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