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Originally Posted by Ripshot 43 View Post
Your friend was right on with his description of the Mandarin in relation to Iron Man. I felt that they did a good job of updating the character making it something "realistic" and was looking forward to more and how he would be dealt with but I really disliked how they decided to just turn him into a while big joke.

I see your point regarding #3. Maybe I need to realize they are calling this Phase 2 for a reason and not lump it together with the other movies. Still, seeing Nick Fury, Shield or anyone associated with future movies would've been nice.
Yeah, I can agree with that (with wanting see Fury or something with Shield). Not to keep going with the "lets wait and see" type angle, but ultimately I wonder if the reason we DON'T see that is because it will be giving away more of the basis for the next Avengers if they did? The first time we saw that after Iron Man 1, that was our tip off that Avengers was coming. Now that we know there will be an Avengers 2, would seeing Nick Fury really contribute much? Its not so much "recruiting" like it was in the credits of the first phase of movies. The Avengers initiative is something they've carried out obviously. At most, his purpose would be in a "getting the gang back together" kind of thing. At least, from my perspective. Not sure how much that would really add, but that's just my take on it.

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