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05-16-2013, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Loosie View Post
When did I ever call Reimer a second rate hack? I'm one of his biggest supporters. Just because I'm also defending Luongo dosen't mean I don't like Reimer.
Sorry, it wasn't an accusation. It just amazes me how everyone wants to use things like Luongo's FORMER...past, as in not recently.....performances in his "defense". What does his gold medal do for TO now...what gains do we get from his former vezina is his finals appearence of 2 years ago beneficial to us now? Yet in the same breath, people give no regard to what Reimer has done in the now. Lets be honest, Luongo has been on the downslope since 2011. He is 34, has a 9 year deal and couldn't put up better numbers than the goalie we have this season (who is also much younger and much cheaper). See, for me, that is the key. When evaluating an older player we need to look at his current play....and it's regressing. He is also saddled with a 9 year contract that will include penalties. So, using the fact that his play is declining, how are we to justify taking on that contract? How can anyone state with any clarity that he will continue to be "elite" for 5-6 more years when he isn't playing to an "elite" status now?

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