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Originally Posted by Tiranis View Post
What does Fowler have to do with anything? He had 11 points in 37 games this season and was 3rd in ice-time amongst Ducks defensemen. Kronwall and Boyle are hardly examples of the type of players you've been saying the Canucks lack.

I love how the 'core' question for you comes down to whether a team has what you deem to be a #1 defenseman. But apparently the criteria for a #1 defensemen are completely arbitrary and change to include anyone who isn't on Canucks. Including Cam Fowler...
While Pietrangelo is a wonderful talent, this year it was Shattenkirk that was the best D-man on the Blues. At least from what I saw. Not sure what the stats would say. Either way Pietrangelo can't quite yet be mentioned in the same breath as a Chara (honestly who can now that Lidstrom is retired...I think Chara is far and away the best overall D-man in the league).

Great talent to be sure but he's not the #1 type of player that fits the posters definition of #1....which is of course not really the definition of #1 but that of an established FRANCHISE player.

Yes it would be great for the canucks to have a franchise D-man, likely future hall of famer, on the blueline. They don't and most other teams don't either. You don't just go out and say "I want a franchise D-man" and the player appears as if by magic. And if you truly think that is the only definition of a good core then why even bother putting a team together to challenge until you have that guy? It would be the definition of futility. But of course you shouldn't need that guy to win if you balance your team in other ways. The canucks don't have that balance right now but damn they nearly did 2 years ago and I'd wager if it wasn't for some very serious injuries to key personnel we aren't even having this same discussion.

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