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05-16-2013, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by LeafOfBread View Post
Not to mention that Gillis is a pompous, arrogant ass and will probably want the moon and sun in return.
Especially after the Luongo fiasco where Nonis embarrassed him.

Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Well Canucks are a team built to win NOW, so they will not be looking for pick(s) and prospects but rather NHL roster players instead.

This fits in with Nonis' statement of not prepared to deal those types of assets for older players.

Vancouver promising change, up against the cap and motivated to deal also helps in this matter as well.

So the potential for a deal his here.
If I were the Canucks Kesler would be one of the players to keep.

Originally Posted by Around in 67 View Post
NOW has already passed for Vancouver. sorry
Might be very well true.

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