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Originally Posted by Hollywood3 View Post
So RMC actually pays its players more than anybody!

I believe that most of the innuendo is for under-the-table payments made by "friends of the program". Nobody would have a clue what those would total.

The other inducement would be a "friend of the program" who would offer employment or housing, maybe even post-graduation employment, to players. Nobody would be able to quantify this, either.
This is exactly what I am referring to. Of course, nobody knows exactly what money individual players are getting, or who they are getting it from, but the truth is that everybody involved in CIS hockey is aware of this.

One of the best examples I am aware of is a player getting paid in the range of $8000 to work at a kids' hockey camp for 2 weeks. An RMC hockey player in the Reserves could earn in the range of $8000 by spending 9-10 weeks in Army training. Technically, both are "pay for work," but I'd argue that they're not exactly comparable.

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