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05-16-2013, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by lancer247 View Post
first, for this team the future is always now but for arguements sake let's say they are building for the future. So, what are we talking 3-4 years? Why wouldn't Coburn be a part of a part of any championship run?

Coburn is 28-29 y/o? So, in 3-4 years he is going to be 31-33 y/o. The core of this team is made up of players in or hitting their prime so why trade a young player in a position of need for a pick or prospect in that same position?

It is possible to walk and chew gum at the same time. Add prospects while contending now with young players in their prime.

You'll never win a cup if you are trading solid 28-29 y/o for picks and prospects. You would be in constant rebuilding mode which is fun for HF site but not realistic.
Coburn doesn't strike me as a guy like Timonen who is going to play at a high level into his 30s. Hell, he struggles to consistently play at a high level now. In his case I'd rather trade him while his value is still fairly high. If we can't address a need or use a trade around him to improve, I don't mind holding onto him. But, as I said, if he's traded I don't think I'd feel much regret over it, unless it's an awful return.

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