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Originally Posted by tsanuri View Post
That's if you count all performance bonuses. Which for the most part are almost never earned. But Karlsson got 500% even counting those bonuses. When looking at stats one of the closest comps is OEL. I don't think he should get as much as him because VV is not our number 1 that goes to DD. But I have said all along I think 3.5 is the starting point. And I really hope we can get him there. But I can see something up to the 5M mark happening. I'm hoping for a 2 year deal just to let the cap go up and DL to maybe offer 3M next and 4M the year after which would be the 3.5M and show VV that if he continues to perform that he will get into that 5-5.5M range in 2 years.
I think VV numbers could go way up if he got time on the number 1 PP. But the team has chosen to run with 4 forwards on that unit. But having DD with VV would make very hard choices for every team that plays us. You can't cover both points very well.
I'd be shocked if DL gave VV more than a $3M cap hit on a two year deal. Too many comparable dmen signed deals this year at lower costs. The term will likely be two years because as mentioned it would buy LA time for the cap to go up. The key will be VV salary in the second yr. I see the contract being back loaded like Subbans. Maybe $1.5M and $3.5M or $2.0M and $3.0M

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