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Originally Posted by lancer247 View Post
The league full of players that don't play at the same level of consistent play every game. That's what seperates the Suters, Crosbys, etc from the average player.

It's not like Coburn is inconsistent going for a bad game to a great game. He is good most nights then he'll have a few great games then just like most players he'll have a bad game. I think you greatly exagerate when you say he struggles from one game to the next.

I am not waiting for him to reach his potential. He is what he is at this point. A 6'5" physical dman that is fast and can use his size to cover his and his partners mistakes. He will likely never reach the offensive output he was projected to have but he can play 25 min/gm and shut down the opponent's top line and come playoff time he takes his game to another level.

What's wrong with that from a guy making less then $5MM?

Coburn is the type of dman every team looks to add at the deadline. Why would you move him when you have noone to fill his void?

I like Grossman but he is slow and can be exposed in a long series if he is getting top 4 minutes. Mez is a UFA after this season and while a like Schenn he does not have the same set of tools as Coburn.

Why not just add to Coburn, Schenn, and Grossman long term with Kimmo and Mez replacements from an area of strength like Center?
My issue with Coburn is that he's the most inconsistent player in the league, game in and game out. I get it that most people are enamored with the skill set he brings to the table. He's a 6'5 defenseman who can skate like the wind and play good and mean.....when he wants to.

If you take a look at him over a regular season, you see a guy who dominates games for about a 20 game stretch and that's usually down the stretch. During the other 60 games, you talk about a guy who plays OK for about 25 to 30 of those games and then plays incredibly poor for about 30 games.

It happens every year with him. Just when you think he's about to round a corner and be that consistent defenseman night in and night out, he disappoints. That's my problem with Coburn - he has the skill set to dominate, but he can't put it together consistently. And contrary to what some may think, he's being paid $4.5 million bucks a year to be a consistently good defenseman, which he is not. That's why I want him gone.

Yeah, he might be a good team guy and yes, he ramps it up come playoff time. However, the Flyers needed him to step up in a HUGE way this year and he tanked. But if you look back on his career, that's what's consistent about him. When the Flyers need him, he's nowhere to be found until playoff time. There's no sense of urgency or desperation in his game. He's quite content to be mediocre and let his teammates do most of the heavy lifting.

At this point, he is not worth the $4.5 million and limited trade clause he's been given. If you look back throughout his career, look at all the significant defenders he's been partnered with to learn the game. Not one of them has worn off him. They've done nothing but carry his dead weight.

I hate Coburn. I hate everything there is about him and I hate how people continue to make excuses for him to keep him around. I've seen all the posts of "eventually he'll put it together" or "he's a beast come playoff time". Great, but in order to get to the playoffs, you also need to play during the regular season, which is something no one can consistently get him to do.

He needs to be someone else's problem now, not the Flyers problem. Let some other team be "enamored" with his physical skill set. I'm done with the clown. He does nothing but disappoint every year - and that's something you can guarantee that he'll do consistently.

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