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Originally Posted by DustersAnonymous View Post

My main focus is trying to set up my teammates, more specifically my dad if I can. While we typically have a winning record, we've never finished first place and haven't won the championship in about 5 or 6 seasons. At first, I felt a bit wrong about sandbagging it but its the only way I can play with my father, something I enjoy.

I'd like to think I'm not the kind of ringer or person everyone is upset about, I've only had someone comment about my play negatively affecting the league once and it was from a team bringing the kind of ringer I hope everyone is upset about.
I'm totally cool with this kind of ringer - it's part of what makes hockey fun, being able to play with friends and family members of all ages. You're not there specifically to show off and win games, and you hang back rather than going after whatever glory there is from being a point leader in low-level beer league.

There is a guy in our D-league who is probably the best player on the ice in the whole league. If he wanted to, he could skate through pretty much anyone and score at will. He doesn't. He skates D, and he hangs back and tries to get the puck to his teammates. He's a really nice guy. He was on my team for seasons 1-3 that I played in this league and then on a different team for season 4. He's one of the few guys that I have strong feelings about being on a team with - I'd really like to be on the same team as him, and I hope that happens in season 5. He was helpful and friendly to me from day 1 and has come up many times during warm-ups and practice to give me pointers, and I have to say that he has really helped me out.

Why is he there, in the lowest level possible - a developmental league where skaters are evaluated based on a scale and then distributed so teams are even? A league where there are people who have never before played hockey in their life? He's there because his son is one of those people who had never played before - and who had actually never really been on skates before! He's made a ton of progress and he's having fun getting out there with his dad. I would never want him kicked out for being too advanced, even though he clearly is.

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