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Originally Posted by Hockey RUS View Post
Hockey has changed in the last 20-30 years.

I believe "out of the box" thinking about the role of contact is important. Kids do not need to know how to hit in Atome or Peewee. Actually, contact should not be allowed until Bantam and when most kids have physically developed.

The equipment kids wear now are weapons. The hard plastic elbow and shoulder pads etc..

A huge problem is there are alot of kids with limited skill level who make competitive teams because of the intimidation factor.

I often wonder what a non-checking league would look like of the top Bantam players. Guaranteed it would be entertaining.

We have been putting brawn over skill ahead for too long.

I can easily see the day where there will be no contact at any age unless at the "elite" level.
I really hope not. Personally, I don't see how a player can develop into an elite player and make the jump to AAA if they do not know how to hit and everyone else does. We're basically streaming the system so that elite players are picked for AAA in peewee and ensuring that there is a physical element to the game which nobody else will get to experience, making it near impossible for someone to make the jump later, say in Bantam.

Just as an aside, for the many people who say that checking deters players, St. John's NL tried to create a no-checking division last fall. The numbers were so low that there weren't even enough for one house league team, so the division was folded within a month.

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