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05-16-2013, 06:55 PM
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I have Raleigh at 10 as well, but Tkaczuk between 5 and 6.

It really depends on how you weigh things. Obviously, any ranking has to weigh career, prime, and peak. You take someone like Buddy O'Connor, who's almost all peak. How do you compare Tkaczuk's bunch of very good years to O'Connor's one amazing one and one very good one? You balance it out.

In my opinion, Tkaczuk's long career outweighs O'Connor's Hart. O'Connor's Hart outweighs Esposito's ~4 great years, because it's that awkward in between of too short to get longevity points and not good enough to get peak points. And Tkaczuk is clearly ahead of Clint Smith to me, who was viewed as a playoff choker, didn't consistently lead Rangers centers in points, and didn't add in anything defensively. Tkaczuk won a pair of team MVPs, outscored a prime Ratelle two years, was considered to be very good defensively, and was considered underrated.

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