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Two factors that I think are important are being on one of the rare Ranger Cup teams and being inducted into the HHOF.

So help me out here, why shouldn't I have Tkaczuk and Raleigh at #'s 9 and 10 on my list?
I have Raleigh at 10, so I can't help much on that one. But I had Tkaczuk at like 5 or 6. While Tkaczuk's viewed as a very solid offensive player, he was considered a fairly elite defensive player. Where a lot of these guys have top 10 scoring resumes, Tkaczuk had a pair of top ten finishes in SHG. Excellent penalty killer, shadowed the other team's top players, and was damn good at it. You'll read things like this:

Tkaczuk took that lesson to good use in the 1971-72 season. His 24-42-66 season led the Rangers to another strong finish. The Rangers, thanks largely to Tkaczuk, were able to get by Montreal and Chicago in the playoffs before meeting the powerful Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals.

The Bruins were of course led by Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito. Tkaczuk drew the responsibility of trying to stop the mammoth Esposito - the Bruins goal scoring machine. While the Bruins captured the Stanley Cup, Tkaczuk certainly captured the respect of Esposito and entire league in that series.

"I've never run into anyone tougher. Ever," said Espo of Tkaczuk. "Bobby Clarke of Philadelphia gives me fits because he's so fast and persistent. Jim Harrison in Toronto was as strong as a horse. But Tkaczuk had a combination of those qualities."
And this:

From the 1971 Official Hockey Annual, published before the 1970-1971 season. The goaltenders were asked which NHL players have the best shot.

1. Bobby Hull
2. Bobby Orr
3. Jean Beliveau
4. Gordie Howe
5. Frank Mahovlich
6. Phil Esposito
7. Jacques Lemaire
8. Dennis Hull
9. Danny Grant
10. Red Berenson/Ken Hodge

Honorable Mentions:

Bill Goldsworthy
Stan Mikita
Eddie Joyal
Rod Gilbert
Vic Hadfield
Walt Tkaczuk
Yvan Cournoyer
Ab McDonald
Ron Ellis
Wayne Connelly
Garry Unger
Just a really excellent two way player, with a killer work ethic. And a long tenure with the team. If you watched him play, which I did, you loved the guy. And as a kid, I thought he had a cool name lol

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