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05-17-2013, 12:20 AM
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Originally Posted by PWB View Post
What place would that be other than last year's SC Champs?
What else do you expect him to say? When you lived the same failures the Sharks lived before last year, you know how it feels to be disappointed as a die hard fan.

Then put yourself in our place, a bunch of people taunting, trolling, and being cocky as hell against us after your win last year, how would you feel?

Basically, you were one of us.. respected us.. and somehow it all went downhill to a bunch of new age cocky jerks.

I'll accept the Kings win, it was a badass comback, but to come back here after being silent when it was 3-2 sharks to taunting the living **** out of us, how do you expect many of us to react?

Sorry I'm ranting to you bro, the trolls got to me tonight, cheers.

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