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05-17-2013, 01:11 AM
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I'd rather work with the devil that I know than to throw myself into the 'warm' embrace of the KHL. You may call me a fool for that, but I'm completely fine with that. I want a closer cooperation with the NHL, because I trust them and I like them. I do not have the same trust for Russia and the KHL. I'm fine with the hegemony of the NHL.
And now ask yourself. Is this attitude the best for swedish hockey? What if NHL decided not to pay ANYTHING for Swedes? What if NHL and KHL make a deal not to pay for Swedes? What if KHL do something that Swedes would like to play here and swedish club will not get any money? Etc.. Man, I respect your opinion but you are homer and you are not objective... you need to understand what is going on, sad, you dont get it.

I am quoting you again
We simply do not have the bargaining power to turn things around on the NHL
Sweden is a euro feeder for NHL. You would have "bargaining power" if you wanted, but leaders of swedish hockey dont know how to achieve it. It is hillarious if Sweden can not negotiate with NHL as fair partner... sad. NHL is using Sweden as "inteligent euro idiot" and you like it. Sure, your choice. Believe me, from long-term point of view is better to support KHL´s point of view towards PTA (not saying you must like KHL´s expansion). Grow up, ask money from NHL for your talents.

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