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05-17-2013, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by insomniac34 View Post
Pens fan coming in peace. Saw this on Reddit, just thought I'd share in case some of you haven't seen it:

awesome, thanks for posting it. i don't think i've heard that in about 15 years.

i hope someone posted it in the photoshop thread.

Originally Posted by RedWingsForPresident View Post
I realize it's 2013. He's still the worst. He's the worst most overpaid defenseman in the league. How does he get $3.25 million with a NTC? Horrible.
ericsson is not even close to the worst player on the team. he's also not even the most overpaid d-man on the team (quincey).

Originally Posted by sarcastro View Post
I thought the first period was pretty good, actually. I don't buy the "unprepared" argument because of that fact - they were right there toe to toe in the 1st and actually looked like they were controlling the play for a good portion of the period. They made too many turnovers, but otherwise they were holding up admirably.

It looked in that period like it could be possible that the Wings could push the Hawks around and make things much more difficult for them. It actually crossed my mind that the Hawks looked like those old 90s Wing teams that wanted to play tic tac toe so badly that they'd play themselves right out of series they had no business losing just by getting too cute.

Then the 2nd period happened. It's an absolute miracle they didn't give up 10 goals in that period. It looked like they were trying to give up 10 goals in that period. They lost the physical edge that got them through the 1st period and the turnovers went from occasional to constant.

The dam finally broke in the 3rd.

If they can play every period like the 1st, they will win a game or two in this series and could theoretically take things to the wire. If they play two periods a night like the 1st and one period a night like the 2nd or 3rd, they're not going to win a single game. It's going to take that 1st period effort every period, every shift, every second.

It's the only way to beat a team that's much, much better than you are - you beat them every second until the other team starts wondering if maybe you really are better than they are. Last year's Kings, the 06 Oilers, the 03 Ducks, etc. They all managed to do it. I don't think this bunch has it in them - maybe with Helm and DeKeyser, but not as currently constructed. But we'll find out for sure.
big difference between 1st and 2nd+3rd was chicago's level of play.

chicago was not very aggressive in 1st, and were generally sort of flat. similar to game 1 vs minnesota.

Originally Posted by Vladdy84 View Post
Honestly, for about 50-60% of the season I thought he was our best d-man. Then when he got paired up with Kronwall his play declined. But in the last few weeks of the season and the 1st round. They were a very good pairing. Last night they were pretty bad.

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