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Originally Posted by The Sweetness View Post
Lindberg looked pretty good tonight given the level of the competition and tempo of the game. His growth over the past year has been pretty remarkable.
This is A and O when it comes to Lindberg, his curve is pointing straight upwards and with kids like that there is always reasons to be excited. Almost no kid is really good enough when they are 20-21, everyone must keep developing. And years 18-24 is definitely as important as years 16-18 if you get what I mean. There are many big stars in this league who built their game after they where drafted more or less. Johan Franzen played like in the 4th tier league in Sweden at the same age as Oscar Lindberg is now.

He needs to keep developing, but why expect a kid who is like developing by the day to suddenly stop developing today, 17 May 2013? And if he doesn't stop developing at this rate today, 17 May 2013, where will he be 17 May 2014? That's why its so hard to pin his potential.

I saw those streamed scrimmages in Rookie Camp that Lindberg played in. That player had no business on being on the ice shift after shift against Giroux, Stamkos and co. OL was good in those scrimmages, don't misunderstand me, but he is developed a ton since then. He has developed a ton since his first ELC's tournaments when he seemed to be in over his head. Heck, he has developed alot since G1 of these WCH's.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Stepan is an elite defensive centerman. According to defensive Goals vs. Threshold, he had the best rating amongst forwards. Ahead of Selke candidates Datsyuk, Bergeron and Toews. If OL is that good defensively already, then what are we waiting for? He can nicely slot up in Beaver's spot.
Ok I take it back!

Stepan aside, Lindberg is not an elite defensive player by NHL standards (yet atleast) since he definitely can't match the 215+ lbs power forwards in the NHL physically. He needs to grow physically and gain more experience before he is elite. But I do believe he would be a solid defensive center right away.

Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
As for Lindberg, I did like his defensive game tonight, minus the miscue on the game tying goal. On that play, he was outmuscled on the boards and lost the puck. Overall, he did have some bursts of speed and some nice takeaways, but nothing to write home about performance wise. It is very hard to stand out in a game involving multiple all-star players.
He is a stubborn grinder, but he got a touch of Nik Sunström in him too. IE, the type who when like the goalie is out of position and someone pass the puck to a player with a open net, just manage to get his stick in the way in the last split second to prevent a goal. Or like read a pass and pick pocket someone and stuff like that.

The shotblocking in the NHL has developed tremendously since clutching and grabbing where banned. This is a good yardstick, players in the NHL can block shots. Europe has definitely fallen behind here. Players from Europe have no clue how it should be done. I have no reason to not believe that OL will become an excellent shotblocker, but he needs to be learned how its done. And we got some players in NY who are excellent at it and its not rocket science (while its certainly more ability to it than what people might believe at first glance). He won't be Jed Ortmayer II from day 1.

Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
Can't they put him as the 3rd line center (they did it with Miller) and amnesty Richards for next year? Seems like there's no reason to demote Brassard.
Agreed, my point was more this, we got a log jam as is and he gotta beat out people to play.

Between "Powe" and "Pyatt", I just have a really hard time seing him beating out Boyle in Camp by such margin that Torts takes Boyle out of the lineup in favor of a unproven rookie.

In competition with Boyle, Miller, Richards, Pyatt, Asham, Powe, Zucc, Hagelin and co, I believe Lindberg would come to his absolute best on the line I mentioned or somewhat of a line like that. IE a defensivly responsible center role on a line that still will move the puck around.

Originally Posted by greenday View Post
It is planned that Lindberg is going to Las Vegas on a "gold-trip" with his team on Tuesday. (skelleftea aik) immediately after the World Championships.

But if he gets to go there I do not know.
it's probably up to Rangers, if they want him here right away
I love humble players. But I also loved Lindberg's interview after the game. The Globe Arena where really rocking and there was a crazy atmosphere. The interviewer where forced to scream to be heard and she "yelled" to Lindberg something like "You where the MVP of the PO's, you won the "SM-gold", set a personal record in scoring, you have established yourself on the national team and played a big part tonight in this miricle against Canada -- could you imagine this when the season started???" and Lindberg looked a little bothered and added 100% serious "the season is not over yet more could come".

Between guys like Callahan and JT Miller and Lindberg, we are going to have some stubborn and ambious players on this team for years to come.

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